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It started as just a distant thought. On a cold winter night in Philadelphia, a few guys and a boxer named Hoot began to think about where they could go to have lots of fun, relax, drink some COLD BEER, watch all the games, and most importantly be WARM!

After much thought and many beers, they realized that they had to open their own spot. The group began searching the globe (slightly over-dramatized version) for a classy, clean place that Hoot could be proud of. Years passed and so did a lot of beers, and the search brought them to Clearwater Beach!

They settled down on the island for a few years to learn the local culture and have some fun (ie. drink a lot more beer.) With tons of careful planning (I guess that’s what you could call it) and a lot of input from the locals, The Brown Boxer Pub & Grille was born – (Hoot insisted it be named after him since he did actually come up with the idea in the first place.)

The Brown Boxer is the premier pub & grille for the Clearwater Beach area. Stop by our 2 Locations on either end of Clearwater Beach for an amazing selection of food, drinks and an exciting energetic atmosphere for you & your dogs!  We will be expanding out North Clearwater Beach location in the Fall of 2019 to include a second floor arcade.

In November 2012 Hoot The Dog decided it was time to pass over his title to his younger brother. Hoot trained his brother Rocky diligently to take over the company.  Hoot’s legacy will live on forever though in our hearts with his namesake The Brown Boxer Pub & Grille!

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Contact Info

Brown Boxer Clearwater Beach

483 Mandalay Ave

Clearwater, FL, 33767



Brown Boxer South Beach

741 Bayway Blvd

Clearwater, FL, 33767



The Tap & Token Arcade & Grille

751 S Gulfview Blvd

Clearwater, FL, 33767